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Dive into our archives with editor-curated thematic collections.

In 2013, Handshouse Studio brought over 350 eager participants together to reconstruct the elaborate barrel vault ceiling and the bimah of the 17th-century Polish wooden Gwoździec (pronounced Gvoj-djets) Synagogue to scale. The synagogue, with its st...
Be the Change is an art and activism initiative that is inspired by the Jewish tenet of justice, drawing from the ritualistic Jewish Tzedakah box.
Combating Antisemitism
Our vision is of a more connected, engaged, and tolerant world, inspired by Jewish arts and culture. Join us as we dive into work relating to and about contemporary and historical antisemitism, pieces about experiencing antisemitism, work about gener...
Community Creative Fellowship
CJP X JArts fellowship designed to support local creatives who are looking to explore Jewish identity through arts and culture.
The Holocaust
This is where you can find everything on Kolture relating to and about the Holocaust, including survivor stories, work by survivors, work by artists who did not survive and deserve recognition, and work about generational trauma and memory.

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