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Prayer for Burnt Forests | GOLEM: A Call to Action

By Julie Weitz

Published Jul 18, 2022


Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof

Together with Rabbi Zach Fredman, founder of Temenos Center for the Arts (Brooklyn, NY), artist Julie Weitz created a prayer intended to be read and delivered in nature as a gesture of respect, restoration, and genesis. “A Prayer for Burnt Forests” frames a view of nature that emphasizes cultural issues and ecological catastrophe while acknowledging human beings’ implicit responsibility for atonement and repair. Embedded are earth-based Jewish concepts like B‘tzelem Elohim, the holiness of the divine image in everything.


Watch the full film here.

Prayer for Burnt Forests

As fires rage across the West, you are invited to recite the prayer. Healing begins when we first acknowledge our wrongdoings and then reorient our actions toward repair.  

Order your own prayer card with a suggested donation to your local Indigenous land trust. 


Weitz’s solo museum exhibition, “GOLEM: A Call to Action,” was on view at The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco through spring 2022. 


Julie Weitz is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Working across film, performance, installation, and photography, she synthesizes elements from Yiddish folktales, Jewish ritual, clowning, drag, and silent film to make powerful, and often political statements about the world and humanity’s surv...


Reflecting on atonement 

What Jewish traditions might we uphold to atone for the devastation caused by wildfires? 

Reflecting on Jewish symbols 

In what instances does Judaism consider fire a source of hope or foundational element in spiritual ritual?  

Taking action 

How can you support progressive wildfire management and the reinstatement of Indigenous cultural fire from a Jewish perspective? 

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