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Derek David Performs Yiddish Folk Songs

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Oct 18, 2022


JLive Presents Derek David

(8 min) In this clip from JLive, the wonderful Derek David performs two songs in Yiddish. 


Derek David is a composer, conductor, music educator, and Yiddishist based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the Musical Director of A Besere Velt, the chorus of the Boston Workers Circle.  


Vos Du Vilst Dos Vil Ikh Oykh  



What you want is what I want  

You are my heart, my mind  

To me, you are the whites of my eyes  

I always have one thought  


I have only one desire  

To give you the stars in the sky.  

There isn’t any girl  

That has your grace  

You’ll be a kosher wife  

Like your mother was  

Oh! What you want is what I want  

I am now breaking my mind  

That what I want is what you want too.  


I want to call you beautiful as you will be my crown  

I want you precious forever  

Oy, wear on my head  

You will be holy to me  

To me you you are god-given (verse repeats)! 


About JLive: 

JLive, an ongoing project from the Jewish Arts Collaborative, is a series of virtual cultural experiences that bring us together to explore and celebrate the diverse world of Jewish art, culture, and creative expression. The professional artists featured in the series span a wide range of creative mediums, from animation to klezmer to papercutting, all with connections to the Greater Boston Area. 


JArts’ mission is to curate, celebrate, and build community around the diverse world of Jewish arts, culture, and creative expression. Our vision is of a more connected, engaged, and tolerant world inspired by Jewish arts and culture. Learn more at jartsboston.org.


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Live from the Zoom Room

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