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EVE’S TRIAL: Guilty or Innocent? 

By Mirta Kupferminc

Published Sep 23, 2022


Above: EVE: “CHAIR” OF ALL MOTHERS 42.7x39.4 inches, 2014 

In her works “EVE: ‘Chair’ Of All Mothers,” “S-NAKED,” and “DIVINE DESIRE,” artist Mirta Kupferminc investigates the protagonist of Eve, and challenges us to decide for ourselves who is guilty and who is innocent in the Garden of Eden. Simultaneously fierce and subtle, her art invites us to sink our teeth into questions of the place of women, the struggle for power, and contemporary gender debate about masculinities and femininities. 


These works were created during the LABA Fellowship. 

Above: EVE: “CHAIR” OF ALL MOTHERS 42.7x39.4 inches, 2014

S-NAKED (Det) Soft habitable sculpture mixed media 55x59x4 inches, 2014

Mirta wearing the habitable sculpture.

Above: S-NAKED Back view.


(13 min) Read the Artist Statement here. 

Making S-NAKED

(3 min) A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of S-NAKED. 


Mirta Kupferminc is an award-winning artist, teacher and curator; born in Buenos Aires.



How do you remember first learning about Eve in the Garden of Eden? How does that juxtapose with Mirta Kupferminc’s interpretations? 

Ask yourself 

Can you detach Eve from sin, disobedience, or fault? What remains?  

Go deeper 

Do you believe humanity would have existed if the sin had not happened?

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