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Foodscape: The Diverse Flavors, Sights, and Aromas of Israel

Dynamic artist duo Studio Mela's multi-sensory installation brings the Israeli ecosystem to American audiences.


Curated by Jewish Arts Collaborative


An Immersive Art Experience

Above: A crowd gathers for an artist-led tour at Foodscape on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, May 2023. Photo courtesy of George Martell for JArts.



Foodscape is a 2023 public art exhibit, a unique chance to embark on a journey through the diverse and rich ecosystem of Israel. 

Foodscape is the creation of Studio Mela, comprised of artists Carmel Beer and Michal Evyatar, creators of gastronomy-based performance art that connects viewers to history and tradition in multisensory ways.  

In Foodscape, Carmel and Michal bring an authentic and visceral taste of the land of Israel to American audiences, featuring plants and herbs that are iconic to the Israeli terroir–  a diversity of plants that represent the cultural diversity of the country.  

When you step into Foodscape, you are invited to walk through rows of pressed herbs, each selected for its physical and cultural significance. The experience includes a performance by the artists, as they sow and harvest the herbs, and prepare a sweet syrup with the herbs. At different stations throughout the installation, you can taste this syrup in a cool glass of gazoz, a popular carbonated drink in Israel made with the syrup. 

Foodscape launched in Boston in May 2023, and tours NY, Baltimore, DC, and Cleveland during summer 2023. 



Foodscape is brought to you by The Jewish Arts Collaborative, BAMAH, and The Consulate General of Israel to New England.



BAMAH is an independent nonprofit that strengthens connections between communities in North America and Israel by bringing the vibrancy of Israeli culture to U.S. campuses and cities. For more info, please visit


Miss out on the event in Boston, Baltimore, D.C., or Cleveland? Click through the images above to experience aspects of Foodscape on Kolture. >>>

Conversation Prompts

The land

 “The land of Israel” is cited thousands of times throughout Jewish text. Today, that phrase has become politicized because of how we see Israel in the news. What do you notice or think about Israel when we focus on the physical land? 

It’s all in the senses

Taste and smell are powerful ways to viscerally evoke memories. Foodscape employs the smells and tastes of Israel to create a connection to the land. Have you been to Israel? What smells or tastes make you think of Israel? 

About the size of New Jersey

While physically small, Israel holds many diverse biospheres and terroir, as seen by the many plants in Foodscape. How do you think this diversity impacts the people and culture in the land? 

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