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How the Miami Boys Choir Took Jewish TikTok by Storm

You'll be singing this hit song all day — we promise

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Oct 31, 2022


This video is all “Jewish TikTok” is talking about, and it seems to have millennial and gen-z Jews of different denominations united in asking each other whether they actually grew up listening to this music. Due to its catchy sound and joyful energy, we wish we grew up listening to it, because we literally can’t stop now.

The Miami Boys Choir’s TikTok account has racked up millions of views, and it’s no eye-roll. There is no doubt that “Yerushalayim” is a bop. There is equally no denying that the group, now located in metro New York City, as opposed to Miami, where it was founded by Yerachmiel Begun, is full of talent. This is a group of 10 to 14-year-old performers, from their auto-tuned pitch to their kitschy show choir choreo. According to CNN, graduates of the program include successful Orthodox Jewish musicians like Yaakov Shwekey and a handful of The Maccabeats. Take a listen, but a warning: it’ll be stuck in your head all day.

Hear more from one of the Miami Boys here.


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How are Orthodox Jews portrayed in the media? What is the significance of having this moment go viral?


Many users on TikTok have commented under the viral clip that they don't know Hebrew, or only know a handful of words/phrases, but enjoy the song nonetheless. Is this something you experience with songs in languages you don't understand?

For non-Hebrew speakers:

Watch this translation of the song. Does knowing the lyrics change anything for you?

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