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How to Make Latkes with Chasia Segal: A Taste of Chanukah (1999)

By Kolture

Published Dec 22, 2022


How to Make Latkes with Chasia Segal

(5 min) “A pancake is not a latke. A pancake is a sick latke.” In this segment from A Taste of Hanukkah, the great Chasia Segal charmingly ad-libs a potato latke demonstration.


Featuring over 150 musicians from different ensembles, this hour-long program was recorded live at the New England Conservatory in Boston by WGBH.


Host: Theodore Bikel

Artistic Director: Hankus Netsky


Founder of From the Top (and JArts Board Member) Jerry Slavet is an Executive Producer.


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The best way

Does your family have a cherished (or top secret) latke recipe? Is it ancestral or from a book? What makes it so special?

The Chosen One

Who in your family is the one who makes the latkes? Why?

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