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Is Gossip Ever Good?

By Rebecca Guber

Published Sep 23, 2022



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Healthy Boundaries

Above: Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. (1877). Astrological chart Retrieved from http://tricy.cl/2dG13SH


Leora Fridman loves to know people’s business. It’s not to spread rumors or lies but rather to build intimacy and community. She’s the friend who is always there. But what is it like to always be thinking of others?  

The writer challenges the contemporary understanding of “healthy boundaries” to advocate for being involved in other people’s business, drawing on both Jewish and Buddhist sources to deepen our understanding of interdependence.  It’s a rumination on teshuva, or repentance, by reminding us of the communal nature of ethics.  


Read the essay here. 


Rebecca Giber is the founding Director of The Neighborhood: An Urban Center for Jewish Life.



How do you define “healthy boundaries”? What sources or people in your life influenced these ideas? 

Go deeper 

What kind of growth or learning do you think is best done in private (alone) vs in public or in community? Why? Are there any ways you might like to challenge the divides you make between personal and interpersonal work? 


How has your relationship to Jewishness informed how you think about such topics as boundaries, community, the tension between the individual and the collective?  

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