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Meet the JArts Community Creative Fellows 2022: Paloma Valenzuela and Rotem Goldenberg

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Oct 20, 2022


Community Creative Fellowship 2022 Introductory Conversation

(54 min) Watch JArts Executive Director Laura Mandel in conversation with this season’s new Community Creative Fellows! Learn from Israeli interdisciplinary artist, puppeteer, storyteller, and medical clown Rotem Goldenberg and Dominican-American/Jewish-American screenwriter, filmmaker, and producer Paloma Valenzuela as they share their artist stories. Discover how these extraordinary creators plan to bring their creative talents and energies to communities in the Greater Boston Area over the course of this fellowship.

The Community Creative Fellowship, powered by CJP and JArts, is the first of its kind in the country – an opportunity for us as a community to be part of the creative process with two top Jewish artists.

Community Creative Fellowship 2022 Closing Conversation

(53 min) Rotem and Paloma join Sophie Krentzman, Director, Arts and Culture at CJP, to close out the fellowship, debrief the process, share pieces of their projects, and discuss what’s coming next.

Paloma Valenzuela

Paloma Valenzuela is a Dominican-American writer, director, and  actor  originally from Jamaica Plain, MA. She is the creative director of the production operation La Palomita Productions based in Boston and the Dominican Republic. She has collaborated with organizations such as the Urbano Project and Hyde Square Task Force and  is the writer/producer/creator of the comedic web series, “The Pineapple Diaries”.  The show was featured in the Latina Magazine’s “5 Web Series Every Latinx Needs to Watch Right Now”.

Rotem Goldenburg

Originally from Israel, Rotem Goldenberg moved to Cambridge, MA this past year. Her art is for audiences of all ages and exists between the spaces of visual theater, performance, storytelling, and clowning. She believes in using theater as a tool in both social activism and therapy.  Rotem has taught and lectured in universities, schools, and community events across the globe. She is an actor and partner in the Holot Theater, a social theater group for Israelis and asylum seekers. As a medical clown, she has worked in children’s departments, rehabilitative geriatric hospitals, and mental health hospitals. Most recently, Rotem served as a social clown with the “Emunah” organization for at-risk youth.


(1 min) Welcome to the trailer from “Home. Alone,” a series of audio tours in Boston Common by Rotem Goldenberg, 2022 Community Creative Fellow.

Happening in-person on three dates: October 13, October 15, and October 16, 2022.


JArts’ mission is to curate, celebrate, and build community around the diverse world of Jewish arts, culture, and creative expression. Our vision is of a more connected, engaged, and tolerant world inspired by Jewish arts and culture. Learn more at jartsboston.org.


Art happens here

The Community Creative Fellows are Jewish artists who live and work in the Greater Boston area, serving the communities that they are a part of. What are the benefits (for community members and artists) of having hyperlocal arts programming?

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