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Joy and Love in Orthodox Jewish Rap

Listen to Nissim Black's "Adored" and watch the official music video, a heartfelt anthem set against the backdrop of the Dead Sea.

By Nissim Black

Published Sep 29, 2022


In “Adored,” Nissim Black stands alone, crying out his lyrics to Gd in a stunning but barren location by the Dead Sea.  

In Nissim’s own words: The location evokes the feeling of the ever-love of The Most High, even in the most deserted places. The video also features a series of shots where I joyously dance through a lattice of men dressed in all black. This abstraction represents that with real joy you can dance your way through dark forces. It’s about feeling loved… and I hope it brings you deep joy!

Listen to more from Nissim Black here.


Nissim Black is an American-Israeli Rapper/Singer and influencer.



When do you feel most Adored? 


What's your favorite line of the song? 


Do you feel like there is a lot of joy represented in Jewish music? What about Israeli music?


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