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On the Nose: Jewish Currents on Their Controversial Cover

By Kolture

Published Sep 25, 2022



This Curation is part of Combating Antisemitism.

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What does it mean to “look Jewish”? 

Above: The Spring 2021 cover of Jewish Currents. Photo by Rachel Stern. 


In Spring 2021, leftist magazine Jewish Currents (relaunched in 2018, originally published as Jewish Life beginning in 1946,) received a wide range of reactions to their cover photo featuring simply, a nose. Called antisemitic by some and a celebration of Jewish pride by others, the cover launched a compelling conversation about Jewish stereotypes and the diversity of our community. 

The Podcast

(41 min) Jewish Currents launched a podcast in response, fittingly called “On the Nose”. The first episode features the photographer behind the nose, Rachel Stern, in a rare opportunity for an artist to give the full story behind their work, flanked by JC Editor-in-Chief Arielle Angel, Publisher Jacob Plitman, and Managing Editor Nathan Goldman. Read the transcript here.  


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Examining Stereotypes 

What does it mean to “look Jewish”? Why might this idea be false? 


Have you ever been told that you look Jewish? Why or why not? How did this make you feel? 

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