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Ora De Despertar (Time to Wake Up) from Sara Aroeste’s Ladino Children’s Album

By Jewish Arts Collaborative

Published Oct 18, 2022



This Curation is part of Animation.

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JLive Presents Sara Aroeste

(2 min) In this clip, contemporary Ladino singer, educator, and advocate Sara Aroeste shares the video for “Ora de Despertar (Time to Wake Up)”, the title track off her 2016 Ladino children’s album. The full project includes the album, an animated video series, a children’s book, a song book, and more. 


About JLive: 

JLive, an ongoing project from the Jewish Arts Collaborative, is a series of virtual cultural experiences that bring us together to explore and celebrate the diverse world of Jewish art, culture, and creative expression. The professional artists featured in the series span a wide range of creative mediums, from animation to klezmer to papercutting, all with connections to the Greater Boston Area. 

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Listen to more tracks from Sara Aroeste.


JArts’ mission is to curate, celebrate, and build community around the diverse world of Jewish arts, culture, and creative expression. Our vision is of a more connected, engaged, and tolerant world inspired by Jewish arts and culture. Learn more at jartsboston.org.



Have you ever heard (or seen!) children's music in Ladino? What is the Jewish children's music that you are used to (if any)? In your experience, where did/does it typically come from?

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