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Sassy Royal Servants Spill the Persian Tea in This Animated Purim Retelling

Dive into a cheeky Purim tale from the eyes of royal eunuchs

By Yehudah Husband

Published Jul 18, 2022



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In a land where queens are merely ornamental to their self-absorbed tyrant husbands, the sassy eunuch, Bilyeu, takes center stage, offering a fresh and hilarious take on the power dynamics within the kingdom. As Queen Vashti rebels against the king’s outrageous request, our glamourous narrator provides a behind-the-scenes look at the palace drama, proving that a eunuch’s wit knows no bounds.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride as Queen Vashti defies the king’s orders, leading to a search for a replacement queen that involves a fierce Jewish girl named Esther. From catwalks to royal scepters and petty banquets, Esther’s journey to becoming queen is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

This Purim story, infused with humor, is a must-watch for anyone seeking a fresh and entertaining perspective on a timeless tale. It just goes to show, that even in ancient times, a good laugh and a bit of sass can always triumph over tyranny.

The mission of SH’MA Theatre Group is to create meaningful, quality Jewish Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding region. SHMA aims is to foster a creative space that is inclusive, challenging, meaningful and explorative of the diversity of Jewish identity.


Yehudah Husband is an award-winning Animation Director who has worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation, and Cartoon Network.


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