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Song as Prayer: Karov

By Batya Levine

Published Sep 27, 2022



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An Offering

Karov is a collection of songs born of yearning, connection, and prayer. These songs are for falling in tears, drawing close, and dancing with ancestors. I offer them to you with the hope that they can serve us as tools of resonance and resilience as we build the world to come, the world as we dream it to be. When we think about prayer we often think about the text of the siddur. But song has long been a deep source of connection and prayer for our people. In Ashkenazi culture for example, tkhines, Yiddish “women’s prayers”, included traditional liturgy as well as newly written liturgy that speak to matters not addressed in the siddur. Karov follows in this tradition, blending liturgy, nigun and English into modern song-prayers. 


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Batya Levine is a communal song leader, musician, shaliach tzibur (Jewish prayer leader) and cultural organizer.



What does prayer mean to you?  


What role does song play in your life currently?  


How do those two relationships intersect or intertwine for you? 

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