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Two Queers, Four Questions, One Podcast: Ezra Furman and Agnes Borinksy

By Julie Weitz

Published Jul 16, 2022



(45 min – 1 hour each) The “2Q4Q” podcast features dynamic conversations about the Hebrew calendar from an outwardly radical, queer, and Jewish perspective. Its hosts —Ezra Furman, the acclaimed singer and songwriter, and Agnes Borinksy, a published writer and theater-maker— embrace a DIY production style that is predicated on the spirit of Jewish resistance. As trans Jewish artists, they reorient their experience of the Jewish holidays within the rich tradition of talmudic questioning.  

What makes the “2Q4Q” podcast such a joyful (and reaffirming) listen is Furman and Borinsky’s’ reverence for Jewish spiritual practice as a critical tool for resisting oppression. From an anti-assimilationist stance, the hosts remind listeners to be unabashedly Jewish and queer. 


Julie Weitz is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles.


Taking on the calendar 

How does the Jewish calendar function as a dynamic alternative to the Gregorian calendar’s structure of time in our contemporary (capitalist) society?  

Asking hard questions 

Is the question, “Do you believe in G-d?” a false binary? If yes, how so? 

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