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The Taste of Connection

By The LUNAR Collective

Published Oct 14, 2022


LUNAR Season 1, Ep 1

(10 min) 23 Asian American Jews examine identity through the lens of food. Through sharing memories of foods from our Asian and Jewish cultures, the LUNAR cast discusses Asian and Jewish food philosophies, intertwined food history, and the many possibilities (and limitations) of Jewish-Asian fusion food. 


LUNAR: The Jewish Asian Film Project showcases and celebrates the stories of Asian American Jews, through our upcoming video series, interviews, community events, and more! We’re funded by the Jews of Color Initiative and partnered with Be’chol Lashon to bring you meaningful and engaging content. We facilitate nuanced, honest conversations about identity, covering themes such as media representation, the model minority myth, racism, antisemitism, belonging and inclusion in Jewish spaces, family, culture, and fusion food.  


The LUNAR Collective cultivates connection, belonging, and visibility for Asian American Jews through intersectional community programming and authentic media storytelling.



What cultural foods bring your comfort? What foods make you feel connected to your Jewishness? 

Reflect (Non-Asian Jews): 

Did you have any thoughts (perceptions, misunderstandings) about Asian Jews before finding this series? Has your perception changed since? 


What can we do to make sure everyone in our community feels welcome, included, and celebrated? How do we get there? 

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