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Zodiacs and the Lower East Side: Cynthia Beth Rubin, Yona Verwer, Kristine Tonski

By Yona Verwer

Published Sep 27, 2022


Linking Past and Present

In this ongoing project, which will grow to include all 12 zodiac signs and their corresponding Hebrew months at its completion, the seasons come alive. Artists Cynthia Beth Rubin and Yona Verwer, as interpreters of history, weave together stories of the Lower East Side in layers of paint, photographs, video, and recording.  

Through the creative use of web-based interactivity, Kristine Tonski enabled the artists to include music by Bob Gluck, Yiddish songs performed by Sylvia Tepperman (1911 – 1996), and historical narrative by Elissa Sampson. In the pursuit of building community connections, the artists use their creative output to stir the imagination of the viewers, offering new interpretations of how we experience a place across time and link the past to the present. 


(1 min) This is a screen recording of the interactive work.

Explore the live version here.


Dutch-born New York-based Yona Verwer holds a master’s degree in fine art from the Royal Academy in The Hague, Netherlands.Her artwork often exists within a historical framework or from a feminist or activist perspective, all through a Jewish lens. She is exploring the correspondence between spirituality and ecology in her...



What makes you feel connected to the lives of those who went before? 

Connect the dots 

In what ways does the cultural past inform your present life? 

Examine your space 

How can a historical space be evocative? 

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