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Organization Partners are those who choose to use the platform to create space for community discussions and shared experiences online.

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Why register? For starters, it’s completely free. But you’ll also gain access to:

  • Award-winning content — including art, music, film, and podcasts
  • Our active online community, where you can join the conversation and share new perspectives with community members and friends

What to Expect After Registration

After you fill out the registration form and click “Register,” you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address and your password. Double-check that all mandatory fields are filled out.

Helpful Tips

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Who are Individual Members?

As an individual member, you may be associated with a community (for example if you are a member of a participating synagogue,) or you may be an independent member who is not associated with an organization. Either way, you gain access to all the curated content on the site. As an individual who is associated with a community, you will also be able to receive communication specific to your community. Click here to go to member form.

Who are Organization Partners? offers Organization Partners the option to use this unique” platform to create space for community discussions and shared experiences online. Designated administrators or leadership can create A Partner Portal in less than 5 minutes.

Why create a Partner Organization page?

  • Co-branded pages on Kolture! Every page will have your organization’s logo and the Kolture logo side-by-side
  • Resources for leadership and programmatic staff via thought-provoking prompts (think book group!) to deepen conversations around arts and culture
  • Rich content to share with your community – add an arts and culture perspective to d’vrei Torah, sermons, Jewish studies classes, newsletter and social media engagement.
  • The credit of gifting Kolture to your community

Official administrators and leaders of approved organizations are able to create a Partner Organization account on That dedicated and co-branded portal will be accessible only to community members who are approved by the organization administrator. If you are an administrator, you may use this form to register your organization. Click here to go to partner form.

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