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In 2013, Handshouse Studio brought over 350 eager participants together to reconstruct the elaborate barrel vault ceiling and the bimah of the 17th-century Polish wooden Gwoździec (pronounced Gvoj-djets) Synagogue to scale. The synagogue, with its striking colors, rug-like design, and its depictions of animals both familiar and mythical, was destroyed by the Nazis in World World II. Reconstructed with black-and-white archival documentation as a guide, the Gwoździec Synagogue project is a monumental act of resilience to the forces that sought to destroy it and erase the history of Polish Jews. Years later, Handshouse Studio and the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw are launching "A Portal to Gwoździec," a new, interactive virtual tour including 3D renderings, to make even the smallest, most intimate details accessible to the general public globally.

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